Thank you for considering us here at Vinetti's! We are a restaurant located in Addison, TX that offers a full kitchen, full bar, and live music. Genre of music is Old and New School R&B/Hip Hop.


Please be advised our establishment has an age requirement of 25 and up for all guest and business casual (mature) dress code. Athletic gear, tennis shoes, and flip flops/slides are strictly prohibited.


We have limited free seating available when we open, but you can reserve a table for yourself or your party. Table Reservation DOES NOT include cost of admission, food, beverages, and/or bottle service. To guarantee seating for you and/or your guest we recommend that you purchase reserved seating for parties or special gatherings.


Please Note: When you purchase a table please think of your party size. One table top will seat up to 4 people, so purchase one table top for you plus 3 people.


We DO NOT allow any outside food, drinks, or decorations except for up to 5 Balloons (any color). Cake or cupcakes are allowed (napkins, plates, and forks must be provided yourself). Glitter and confetti are NEVER allowed and subject to a $50 clean up service fee if found in purchased party area.


Seating is throughout the restaurant and a specific location cannot be guaranteed before or after purchase. Please check in with hostess at arrival to confirm seating area. There's a 2-table maximum per party to be seated in the same area. Reservations booked by different individuals will result in your party being split.


ALL table reservations must be claimed by 10:00 p.m. NO EXCEPTIONS. Unclaimed tables will be released after 10:00 p.m. All table reservations are available starting at 8 p.m. Reservation fee is for seating ONLY.


Please see our website for our full menu options, live performance schedule, as well as our Frequently Asked Questions portal. If you have any additional questions or concerns prior to purchase, please contact us at  or by phone 214-772-0720. Booth reservations are available offline. Please call or email for additional details.




14833 Midway Rd. Suite 105

Addison, TX 75001

Friday 5pm - 1am

Saturday 7pm - 2am

Sunday 12noon - 8pm

To book a paid booth reservation please email us at or call or text

(214) 772-0720 Tues. - Friday 1pm - 5pm 

For a 4 person table reservation click on the button

at the top of the page.

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